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Mental Health Support Services

What is YBR?

Yellow Brick Road -YBR - is a mobile service that truly understands the challenges loved ones face, when dealing with an individual suffering from mental illness.

My name is Cynthia David and I am a Registered Nurse specializing in
mental health for over ten years. I have been passionate about mental health
since I was a teenager, reading psychology books and trying to learn more about the various psychological  disorders that can disrupt a person’s life.  Reading true crime novels and psychological thrillers was my idea of a hobby.  In looking back, I may have generated a healthy dose of concern and worry on the behalf of my family and friends.  I believe they feared my obsession with this genre of books may one day turn into a "how to manual". 

Through my outreach work experience and education, I’ve come to understand just how complex the mind can be. With a deep interest in this area, came the stark reality of how mental imbalances can cause a sense of helplessness, isolation, confusion, anger and sadness in the client and loved ones. Rarely have I seen mental illness only affect the select individual - it has almost always touched the lives of friends and family.

The world of mental health can be a very confusing one to navigate: different
types of assessments, various organizations, criteria for this...grounds for one day, discharged hours later... The different systems can
be hard to understand.  Insert YBR here.

I have over a decade in various areas of mental health nursing including: forensics, case management of individuals who served time and reintegrating back into the community, crisis intervention, working with police and determining if grounds exist to convey individuals to hospital on an involuntary basis.

​I created YBR to help you and your loved ones navigate the sometimes complex world of mental health services, and lessen the confusion. I hope this service can empower you with the tools that you need to travel through these troubled waters.


What is the Mental Health Act (MHA)

The Mental Health Act outlines the provincial regulations with relations to an individual with a mental disorder.  The Act identifies criteria and procedures that need to be met during various access points in service.  

Form 8 Warrant for Apprehension

Form 8 is a warrant that is granted by a judge that allows for a police officer to transport (convey) an individual on an involuntary basis, to a designated facility (hospital).  For the purpose of psychiatric evaluation by a physician.

Office Conference

Who can apply?

Anyone who has reasonable and probable grounds to believe that a person is:

A. Suffering from a mental disorder

B. Likely to cause harm  to the person or others or to suffer substantial mental or physical deterioration or serious physical impairment

MHA Section 10 (1)(a),(b)

Criteria for Judge

According to Section 10.(2) of the MHA. If the judge is satisfied that:

(a) the person is

(i) likely to cause harm to the person or others or to suffer substantial mental or physical deterioration or serious physical impairment

(ii) subject to a community treatment order and is not complying with the the community treatment order

(b) an examination can be arranged in no other way.

Mental Healh Act


All forms are completed by YBR services in the convenience of your own home

Collateral Information


Collateral Information

Observations are from the perspective of the applicant that warrants concern for the client's mental health

Mental Health Assessment

Mental Health Assessment

A tool used by a health care professional that screens various aspects of a client's ability to think, reason etc. It can be used to identify various concerns

Form 8 Application

Form 8

Warrant granted by a judge that allows for a client to be taken to hospital to be examined by a physician.



Education Sessions and Follow up

The sessions listed below are offered for one, or to as many can fit in your living room.  The goal is to empower individuals with knowledge and the tools they need to manage the situation appropriately.

Topics include:

  1. Mental Health Act

  2. Specific diagnoses

  3. What happens after a Mental Health Warrant (Form 8) is executed

  4. Resources for family and friends

  5. Referrals can be made for long term mental health support for the client ​​​

  6. Naloxone kit

Educational Sessions


Calgary, Alberta


Call or submit message (below) for consultation and service fees

Please note* Blue Cross coverage available


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